The Least I Could Do

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." -John 15:5

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.” -John 15:5

I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Not that that’s unusual, but I had way too much on my mind. I still have a lot on my mind, but after writing a poem today, I feel a little relieved. After reading a few different articles & comments about Joel Osteen & this quote, & my husband & I having a good, long conversation last night about different things that have been stirring us up lately-ok, mainly that’s been stirring me up lately ;), & reading the other night in the Bible about the rich young ruler in Luke 18:18-29 that keeps coming to mind, I just couldn’t get everything out of my head. So, today, after not getting hardly ANY sleep (seriously, my hubby came down at 3:30 this morning & asked if I was ever going to come to bed…not usual, ’cause I normally try to go to bed at the same time & the few times I don’t, he’s fast asleep ;)), I still couldn’t sleep after my hubby & kids woke up although this is the 1st time in forever I could have slept in-you know, if I didn’t have so much on my mind. So to relieve it, I decided to pray & just ask God to speak through me. Hopefully He has & hopefully He does to you through this. I think this is the 1st time I’ve had a poetry draft with no cross-outs-which can be good or bad however you look at it. 😉 This is the 2nd poem I’ve written in a long time (the 1st one last week-God’s really been putting stuff on my heart lately & I’m ready & listening more now! :))  & I think it might be better more as spoken word poetry (as most are), but not knowing how that’s gonna happen, this will have to do. 🙂


Eight steps to a better life,
How to be a great wife,
All these laws I’ve kept from my youth.
“These aren’t about me, I’m living for You!”
Just do my best;
I’ll be just fine.
I’ve got a ticket to Heaven,
Better get in line.
I’m gonna get dressed
In my Sunday best.
I’m gonna look good;
You’ll be impressed.
I’ve done everything I can;
I’m Your best man.
Everybody knows
Where I stand.
I love those who love me.
Those who hate me are surely
Just filled with insecurity.
I workout,
I eat clean,
I do everything I can
To live green.
I do my part,
Yet I still look cool.
I follow all Your rules
And call it old-school.
Surely, You’ll be impressed.
I’ve got a track sheet 6 feet long,
And nothing to confess.
Truly, I deserve this;
I kept Your list.
I even saved
My first kiss.
What?! Of course it’s about You!
I did all the good I could do!
Why are You saying
You’re beginning to think
I’m looking more and more like
A pharisee?
Why are You calling me
To something I can’t do,
Saying that’s how I best glorify You?
I heard You’re a God of love!
Nobody said tough love!
Not any club
I’m a part of.
Those sugar-coated messages
Were way easier to hear.
I felt so good
When they tickled my ears.
How dare You say
I can’t do this on my own?
How is it good news
I can’t do this alone?
You know me!
I don’t like to depend on anybody!
How could You say I dried up and died
The second I disconnected from Your vine?
Everybody said I was living the life!
So why aren’t You satisfied?
How could You tell me
I was worshipping self-
The biggest idol of hell?
And why would You say,
‘The best I can do
Has never pointed to You?’
That’s all I ever wanted!
I wanted to follow Your call!
But what’s in it for me,
If I gave up my all?
…And took up my cross,
And followed You.
Let You be my boss;
The least I could do.
But that’s what You want,
Isn’t it?
To call all the shots-
Be the biggest hit.
Let me bask in Your glory,
As You walk before me.
And finally walk free,
From the chains that have bound me.
That’s the reason You died.
May You be glorified.
If it’s not about me,
Then You get the glory.

 -R.A.D. 10/12/13

Who’s getting the glory in your life?