Let the Little Children Come Unto Me

3 of my kids in all their silly glory. ;)

3 of my kids in all their silly glory. 😉

“Let the little children come unto Me…”

I awoke as if to the sound of a whisper, yet knowing there was none to be heard. I couldn’t tell you what I dreamt about last night, only that when I awakened, my thoughts couldn’t be quieted.

That verse along with memories of my mom taking me to different Bible studies, prayer meetings, nursing homes, churches, and even a small group at our house as early as the ages of 2 or 3 popped into my head, yet knowing she probably took me even earlier than that. I don’t know if back then they had child care or not. I know at times I didn’t want to be there. However, I also know that I am so thankful she took me. I don’t know that I would have realized that God was all around us loving His children or that I would have wanted to give Him kisses and hugs at bedtime if she hadn’t. I know my memories of dancing and singing to “Sing unto the Lord a new song”-my favorite song at the time-would be erased. My collarbone that I broke around the age of 6 could very well still be broken, just like the doctor said. I don’t know if I would have had any of the experiences or memories I have at such an early age if it wasn’t for my mom bringing me along with her. There are so many more that I cherish every time I think about how God had His hand upon my life even at an early age-especially at an early age. How, even then, He was romancing me. Sometimes I feel like my memories then are stronger than my feelings of His love are now. When I start doubting at times, those are often the memories I turn to.

~*Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth,
Before the difficult days come,
And the years draw near when you say,
“I have no pleasure in them”:*~
Ecclesiastes 12:1

Yesterday, my 3 year old daughter was about to eat her tortilla soup, and before eating it, grabbed a few chips, put them partially in, and started crunching them up with her spoon. Her older brother and sister laughed, asking if she was trying to be like me. She said, “Like mommy!” I smiled and asked if she wanted to be like me, she responded with, “Mmhm, just like mommy!” Now, sometimes that thought scares me, but I couldn’t help but smile last night. I started envisioning a year ago or so when I would turn on some praise music and dance and sing, seeing her right along with me, raising her hands, twirling, and praising God. It was the most beautiful sight to behold. “Just like mommy.”

There are so many kids wishing to be “just like mommy” or “just like daddy”, yet I wonder how often we turn them away for fear of them becoming just like us or just for the sake of wanting to be alone. Completely understood by me, by the way. Being introverted with 4 kids 6 and under right now who like to walk in on me every time I use the restroom can be extremely frustrating to say the least. However, I also know that at other times, these kids really need me.

I often wonder what message I’m sending them, that we’re sending them. My husband and I have recently had the invitation to attend 3 different groups-a couples’ group at one church, smaller life groups at our church, and a parenting class at my sister’s house. They all seem awesome. The people seem awesome, the topics seem awesome, but in every single one of them, the kids are separated-left in child care. Part of me wants to welcome the break of getting at least 2 minutes of uninterrupted speech, yet my husband and I both thought that 3 groups, or even 2, is too much now with him working longer hours, and the fact that they need him as well, and we as a family need each other together. And frankly, meeting 3x a week with any group of people on a regular basis is too much for me-even if they are awesome. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with getting a break from my kids and greatly need it at times.

However, I wonder sometimes if kids get the impression that they’re just a nuisance or a burden. I wonder if they think that God and His Holy Spirit are just for older people. If God enjoys worship from their parents better than from them. If they really think that God’s light in them is smaller just because they are. If anything, God’s Spirit often seems to shine brighter in a smaller vessel because it fills it more fully. There are less deceitful beliefs to diminish and overcome.

I don’t know what God wants it to look like for the little children to come unto Him at this moment. I just feel like sometimes kids aren’t given the opportunity to brilliantly shine as they are called to.