Furniture Restoration

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Vanity before pic $50 from craigslist (desk & chair weren’t together, thought they had similar details & bought them from 2 different people).

Old chair I bought from craigslist for $40…a different person than the one who sold me the vanity. Notice the similar shape on top of the chair to the vanity as well as similar leg shape. Perfect. :]


Another picture of the chair from another angle.



All done without pillow…

The chair after restoration.

A pillow I made for it. I could only find a rectangular piece of foam at hobby lobby, so I cut it into the best circle I could with a knife, my sister Cathy did all the machine sewing & pinned ther other half for me (you can’t machine-sew as much with a circular one since you need to leave about half undone so you can fit the circle in)…I hand-sewed the rest (yeah…I never do that & didn’t mind! :])…glued the trim on…& so far sewed around some of the trim (am still gonna do more) for extra strength to make it last a lot longer.

Chair with the added pillow on it.

After sanding (my hubby actually did it for me!), cleaning, priming, putting on about 3-4 coats of black paint, spraying on a metallic silver using a stencil that failed miserably & having to hand-paint around it to fix it, sealing it, adding scrapbook paper to the insides of the drawers, & making a pillow, it’s ALL DONE!!! :] YAY!!! LOVE the finished results & it feels SO good to know I did it!!! :]

Right drawer with detailed design & new hardware.

Left drawer

Used scrapbook paper & added it inside of the drawers. Notice the similar pattern on the paper as the design on the drawer. This is before touching up with more black paint on top & sealing it…the reason it’s not-so-shiny. 😛

Buffet Before

Buffet After

Buffet 2 before

Buffet 2 after

Table before

Table after being sanded, primed, 2 coats of paint, 2 coats of protective finish & 3 coats on top

Table again