A Little about Me

Hey, I’m Rachel Ann Dittmer. You can call me R.A.D. You can say I inherited my artistic gene through my mom’s side as everyone in my family- besides my dad- can express themselves through art; I just have many. My main outlets are poetry, art, writing, & interior design, though too often I play my hand as being a jack of all trades.

I normally find out as I go along that I can do different things & have to learn the hard way most of the time; but if I don’t know & want to know, I try to find out- like this blog (so not an expert & still having trouble even after getting help! *eek! Thanks, Jaime!*)! I just try to believe Philippians 4:13 that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me- but don’t test me on that! 😉

So basically, this blog is a byproduct of a lot of hard work, dedication- well, persistence at least (!), & maybe a little CRaZiNeSs as I try to juggle all these passions of mine, a home, & a family of 5! But feel at home here! This is a place to kick off your shoes, relax, & enjoy your stay at my pad!

Why the name padorad?

Here I am, FINALLY starting a blog of my own. So, why the name “padorad”? What’s this site going to be all about?

Originally, I was just thinking that there are some great sites where people have basically made a living fixing up their own house (younghouselove, anyone?) & well, I’ve been fixing up our house & have gotten some great encouragement on it via facebook mainly & some from my site on weebly, but being a SAHM of 3 & my hubby a teacher & ref, I figured it’d be nice to make a little extra income (ha. I’m still figuring this out, so we’ll see, but it’s worth a shot!) doing something I love & am passionate about that could help with all of the projects I’ve been doing & want to continue to do & you know, help with the mortgage or the child we sponsor or sending our kids to a good Christian school someday, yada…yada. Plus, when the kids get older & go to school, I would already have a “job” established where I could still be here on sick days or days off from school & still be able to take care of the house & my family. So, if this works, it’d be PERFECT!

Now onto the name. Pad, in slang at least, means a person’s residence. This site, remember, was originally going to just be about my house that I’ve been updating; but then I got to thinking, I’m not gonna have something to write about EVERY day or a few times a week about just my house, especially since I’ve done a lot of different rooms already (they’re not ALL the way done though, for the most part) & interior design isn’t the only thing I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about writing (particularly poetry) & art, in ALL kinds of forms; & while a pad was originally meant to be about my home, it could also refer to a writing pad, a poetry pad, an art pad, etc. So, that’s where I got the idea of PAD. For those who don’t know, my initials are R.A.D. (yeah, how rad is that? ;-P) So, I was thinking PAD of RAD, & if you need it explained a little further- “of” can sometimes be written as o’ in poetry & not only do PAD & RAD rhyme, but the addition of o’ just makes the addition of poetry even more evident in the title (of course, you can’t add an apostrophe in a web address though so it was omitted), & here we are with “padorad” (yeah, quite the maze- how my brain always works!). ;-P Easy to remember, fun to say, to me at least. Hope you enjoy it too!

Fortune cookie I got yesterday after telling my hubby how excited I was about starting this site-perfect! 🙂 (& yes, I know I need to invest in a good camera, this just is a pic taken with my free phone from verizon that doesn’t take the clearest pics, obviously).