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So, in the past 3 months, we had a baby, sold our house, moved 11 1/2 hours away, my husband not only got a new job but a new profession, stayed in a rental for a month & a half, got a new church, & 13 days ago moved into our new house. Things have been slightly CrAzY & my emotions have been on a roller coaster lately, but God has been so faithful through it all. My parents are actually visiting us tonight-REALLY soon, so I just thought I’d share a few photos of our new house since at least the main area is clean right now 😉 & some photos of it turning into our new home. 🙂


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& it was all...beige... I have a beige house with a beige window...& everything was so beige...haha...

& it was all…beige… I have a beige house with a beige window…& everything was so beige…haha…

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Let’s just say, beige will soon be a thing of the past…

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