Old Indy Pad- Coffeehouse feel

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We lived here from April 30th, 2011-June 5th, 2015. The longest we’ve lived anywhere since being together. We put a lot of love in this house, and made it a home. It was so hard to leave. So many memories were made here.

The before pictures don’t show that most rooms were covered with 3 layers of overly-glued on wallpaper that when taken off, took a lot of the drywall covering with it, or the super-glued-on cork board that was probably 20-30 years old & made me gag the WHOLE time I had to take scrape it off with the end of a hammer since a normal scraper wasn’t strong enough-even with goo-gone; or that some rooms, especially that one, took over 16 hours of prep work BEFORE being able to paint! Not to mention, the previous owner died about 2 years before we bought it off the market (it was an inheritance sale) so there were plenty of huge spiders, spiderwebs, carpenter ants, & even flying cockroaches when we first bought it (upon reading about cockroaches, I insisted on the Orkin man 😛 ) that I’m thankful are a distant memory now.

The majority of the home was furnished with craigslist finds. I hope this inspires others to show what some paint, creativity, a one-income family on a modest teacher’s budget, and a lot of prayers and hard work can do. It was by far our greatest financial investment to date, and we felt so blessed to live there and in such a great neighborhood. We also feel blessed to be where we are now though, but it was definitely hard leaving this place.

(If you would like to comment, I’d love to hear from you (!) or if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask & I’ll answer as honestly as I possibly can! I’d love to help in any way possible if you’d like to know any how-to’s or paint questions, etc.!)