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Basement before

Basement after painting walls, mural, adding sectional I bought from one of my sisters for $500 (perfect for cleaning spills!)…purple pillows from Walmart for cheap ($12 or so each?), & blue pillows I’ve ALWAYS loved that she got from Pier 1 forever ago from my other sister!

Closer up view of mural looking into hallway to laundry room (have yet to fix that up). Used leftover paint from other rooms for it.

View of verse I painted on using projector. Who doesn’t want perfect peace?

Painting one of my sisters painted for me & part of curtain fabric I bought on ebay. My other sister hemmed it for me & my mother-in-law sewed loops on top (which my sister could have done, but I originally was going to use the slide thing with the original curtains but didn’t know I’d need to poke holes in the fabric to do so). So blessed to have all their help!

Other picture my sister painted for me! Such a true & good quote!

View from stair going into basement. We now have an electric fireplace there (that matches our bookshelves perfectly!), but forgot to take more pictures since. Got those chairs from my sister for $100 that match the sectional perfectly!

From where the light in the corner is.

IKEA bookshelf I found on craigslist. Storage bins from Target & my kids’ clean-up job.

View from garage doors (before we updated kitchen since this update was first).

View from kitchen.

Another view from kitchen.

View from top of stairs (before electric fireplace).RugIfoundonCraigslistfor$135.Originally$819fromHomeDecorators’!