Girl’s Bedroom

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Red shag carpet, 3 layers of wallpaper, & to the right was the super-glued on cork board that you can’t see. Took about 16 hours of prep work AFTER taking off wallpaper (as it stripped off a lot of the drywall covering) & BEFORE painting! SO glad that’s over!

My daughter’s big reveal day. She’s running around she was SO excited! Made me feel so great! She told her friends & Sunday school teachers about it too- so cute!

Wall seen when you 1st walk in. Doll house passed on by cousin.

Hubby’s old bed growing up, comforter from my hubby’s parents that my daughter & I picked out with my son on top (he LOVES her room!- in the middle of his still), rug cut from my son’s old shag carpet (this isn’t very true to color AT ALL-more of a lime green color).

Vies from other corner. Dresser I grew up with, lamp we already had from Target (still don’t have overhead lights in here) . Basically just had to pay for little quarts of paint for her room so far (plus the base paint & primer)! A lot of bang for our buck! 🙂