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My kids & I made some Thanksgiving turkeys last year with some materials we already had on hand.

Them hard at work painting their plastic plates in daddy’s t-shirts.

Now painting the “feathers” I cut out of a cereal box. The paint was washable finger paint I think. haha. Basically the only colors I had that were washable.

The backs of them- birthday plates, cereal box cut up, & tape! You don’t need much & they LOVED it as they LOVE painting! 🙂

They didn’t know how to answer what they were thankful for, so I asked them what they were happy about. 🙂 My daughter was happy about her swingset, her little pink cup, toy story 2, her little pink heart & her little pink life (haha, have no idea…she’s just stuck on pink…still! :-P), & her pony book she draws in. 🙂 My son was happy about his monkey sandals, toy story (he told everyone he was Buzz Lightyear & Woody for a long time :-P), color (he loves color! haha. For real though), his monkey pants, & daddy. 🙂

I painted 2 scoops that we were done using from my kids’ reliv shakes, used empty toilet paper rolls for the body, & cut out more parts of the cereal box I had to paint for all other features.