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I feel SO blessed to have this kitchen! How we got to here from the next photo (!) :

Kitchen before

Kitchen before

After taking off wallpaper & silly accessories-such as radio & paper towl roll they put up with about 5″ screws (!) & painting it orange.

Wallpaper off, painted orange, & new microwave from Best Buy thanks to my dad!

Other side leading to basement.

The buffet that’s now in the dining room that we had to use for storage for a while due to not having a pantry & very little cabinet space. The trash can is now in our pantry too.

Looking into “ballroom”.

From basement, showing length from garage.

Took down cabinets. My hubby switched right side one above range with corner one since it had a whole being a corner cabinet. Prepping to taken down half

After my hubby & his dad took down half the wall per my request! They did so good!

Other side after taking down half wall.

Showing how much higher kitchen floor was than serving area.

We thought there might be hardwoods underneath because it kind of looked like there might be. Asked on craigslist if anybody wanted to be hired to take up floor for us since my hubby didn’t want to bother & I had about a month left before I was due. Found out there weren’t any hardwoods (we were prepared just in case there weren’t) & there were 3 layers of sub-floors & 5 vinyl floors as well as rotted wood we needed to take care of! Originally, we were worried that we would have to get custom cabinets cut down to get a bigger extended counter-top because we measured only 33″ on some (standard size is 34 1/2″), but found out we did have standard cabinets-they just had different cabinets on different levels of floor! So glad we got this done in the end to get it done right & be able to get standard size cabinets & taking care of the rotted wood.

Other side.

After the guy added hardwood floor we got on sale from Lumber Liquidators.

After cabinets were put back in & leveled & our new countertop. So much more space!

Nice old man who I found on craigslist a while back who made some boxes for me used the cabinet attached to our sink-where we added a dishwasher given to us from my sister’s parents-in-law & made us 2 custom cabinets out of it for $200 (!)- SO awesome of him & told me he’d make me the desk area I designed free of charge! Doors aren’t on cabinets yet since he knew we were painting & getting new hinges anyway.

Before picture of overhang (have no idea what this is called!) over sink. Not really my style.

Drew a design I was more fond of & my hubby cut it out with a jigsaw! He did awesome! It went up & joined in the middle, but the jigsaw wouldn’t go that close & it was fine since it was going to be covered up with a clock anyway.

Here’s after painting & what I was talking about with the clock hiding that part anyway!

After painting! Will be getting new blinds that have the same color as the ones in this photo but with more privacy since those are basically see through at night & will be staining those baskets to match the blinds eventually & a man from our church will hopefully be adding a backsplash soon!

I’ll also be staining the fruit basket to match the baskets & blinds & be doing a few more touches eventually. That’s the other rug to match the one in our entryway from Home Decorators (both for $130 or so!)

Other side. New hinges I got online for about $97 (!) & new knobs from Walmart! Saving up for a GE cafe stainless steel double oven with a flat top & a new stainless steel fridge. I’m taller than the one we have now & I’m short! haha. I got that hood brand new on ebay for $338!

Looking into living room (since it was a newer addition-before we bought the house), that window originally looked outside!