Basking in the Son

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God, I’m seeking
Seeking to be more like You
And I’m reaching
Reaching for Your love that’s ever so true

God, I feel like I’m learning
Learning to trust in You
My heart, this flame is burning
This light, it’s shining through

God, I’m feeling
Feeling Your arms wrapping around
For the comfort You have been revealing
Your love, I have truly found

God, I’m healing
Healing from past defect
For my wounds You are sealing
And on my restoration, You have lasting effect

God, I’m answering
Answering only to You
And I hope by then they know it’s a sure thing
Your love was what was shining through

God, I’m burning
Burning with passion
And my heart, it is yearning
To be made in Your fashion

And God, all I’m asking
Is until the battle’s won
You’ll help me be basking
Basking in Your Son