New Season

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Deprived of a dad to guide me
Walking this earth so blindly
Searching or a path, a lifestyle
To define me

And I lived the life they expected
For far too long
All the while, trapped feelings
Maybe I don’t belong

‘Cause I’ve searched over and under
Just wanting to fill my void
Met bottomless nothings
Only a season could enjoy

For pleasure for a reason
Never did anybody any good
And the hurt, the scars that remain
If I could wash away, I would

But I’m a different person now
Can’t you see?
I don’t need to be reminded of my past
A boy, that’s not me

I see pictures and I have memories
Of a boy I thought I once knew
And I have scars covering wounds
That need not be unglued

So see the journey of my story
One I may not be happy of
But it got me to who I am today
And I’m not the boy I once was