Jesus in Us

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To father the orphan
To visit the widow
To love the child with chocolate-brown eyes
That no one seems to know
To give hope to the hopeless
Sight to those without vision
To offer peace and love
Was that not Christ’s mission?
But sometimes I think we don’t realize
We’re the only Jesus some get to see
So I pray He opens up our eyes
And helps us realize
That’s our reason to be
We could be the answer to a child’s prayer
We could be the ears that listen,
The heart that wholly hears
The hands that give
And the time that shows He really cares
We are to be Christ’s hands
We are to be His feet
To tread upon near and distant lands
Proclaiming Christ has the victory
So let’s allow Christ to use us
To show He still exists
We could be the only sign of Jesus
That shows who He really is