Love Without Regret

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Embrace the moment
Live for today
At least that’s what’s told us anyway

Date for fun
Sin for pleasure
Dump anyone who doesn’t meet your measure

Years from now
Life filled with regret
Trapped in bondage trying to pay your debt

You can never truly love
For you locked love in a cage
With broken-hearted memories at an early age

Ignoring God’s commands
Only living for today
Trapping yourself in bondage and thinking it’s the only way

You’ve been blinded by Satan’s lies
Far too long
Thinking God wants to rob you of love couldn’t be more wrong

And your distorted view of love
Has turned to lust
Instead of freely giving, you only take if you must

Child, I don’t blame you
That’s how “love” has been taught in this day
But please don’t go on thinking this is the only way

I want to introduce to you
A new kind of love
Not anything you’ve seen down here, it only comes from above

It’s a love that keeps on giving
Even without receiving
A love that never stops hoping
And never stops believing

A love that will pick you up off your feet
After you’ve fallen down
Or experienced defeat
A love that loves selflessly
Without condition
No matter what your status or position

A love that will always stay
Even when another’s love goes away
A love that’s always patient
Always kind
And always waiting for the best time

If you want to live a life without regrets
Live and love like this
It’s a journey to true happiness