When We Dine

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You look at me
The sinner I am
With gazes that could kill
Any human man

Your judgmental eyes
Your “more-holier-than-thou” stare
Has it won any lost souls?
Has it gotten you anywhere?

With standards so high
You can’t even live up to
You can’t look sinners in the eye
Or place yourself in their down-trodden shoes

You think this is going to win them?
You think this is how God is pleased?
Didn’t you know He came to save
Lost souls such as these?

What’s the good news
About an unmerciful judge?
Who gives what people deserve
And will never budge

Your illustration of Jesus
Must be all wrong
Because my Jesus came to heal the sick
And show sinners even they belong

He knows we are nothing but dust
He always takes that into mind
He looks on His children with compassion
And a love of a different kind

He looks down with love
On a sinner such as me
And asks this same wretched sinner
To dine with Him and be free

He understands
This is who I am
This is me
A mere human
Lost in inconsistency

But it never stops Him from accepting
A sinner just as me
And while neither you nor I deserve it
Accept who you are, His gift, and be free

So cast down your hypocritical image
Realize you’re a sinner just as I
But I’m accepted and you’re accepted
When with Him, we dine

For right now He’s setting up a table
For you and I
And we’ll experience His grace, love, and acceptance
When we dine