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Lost behind a wardrobe of faces
A new mask for each setting
If none seem to fit quite right
Is there one that I’m forgetting?

When the crowds change with the seasons
And society determines who’s to fit in
Who do I run to when I’m all alone
And I don’t know the One within?

When I’m feeling empty,
And loneliness screams louder than the music I blare
When my heart is bleeding and my soul is dying,
Where do I place my fear?

When my hunger is insatiable
Always left incomplete
Do I ever really conquer
When left feeling utter defeat?

If I do the things I don’t want to
And don’t do the things I do
Is who I am determined by unfulfilled intentions
Or unintended impromptu?

If I don’t know who I am
Who should I portray?
When I’m lost behind a joyful face
Does that mean I am okay?

If I’m just a character in a story
And I don’t seem to fit the scene
Am I playing the wrong role?
Or am I meant to be drama queen?

If who I am is what you see
And all the sudden I change
Is who I am what you saw before?
Or who I was, re-arranged?

If I can display who you are
But have trouble being me
Am I who I play best?
Or do I have a lost identity?

And if all You are,
Is who I wish to be
Is who I am what I display now
Or what I’d like to see?

It seems that I feel more alive
When I display You
And when I die and let You life
I am made anew

So forget about who I am
See who I’m trying to be
Because who You are
Is meant to be
My identity