Uniformity is Boring

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Bottled up emotions.
Changing roles to fit the scene.
And if you’re not really yourself,
What benefit is it to take the lead?
Stop being who they want you to be.
Take off your mask.
Being yourself without being someone else
Is difficult enough task.
Let down your halo now.
Let down your guard.
Don’t try to be someone else,
Or you’ll end up lost in disregard.
Stop selling yourself short.
You have much more value than you display.
Life is more than what you make it
And love is more than just a game you play.
Be honest with yourself.
Be true.
Living life as someone else
Will never fulfill you.
You try so hard to be unique.
But you all end up the same.
If being your own person is what you seek,
Then stop playing your screwed up game.
We all are searching for ourselves.
Trying to make a name.
Nothing new is underneath the sun
And glorifying self is not why we came.