Awaiting Our Fairy Tale

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Day like this
Anticipating future’s bliss
Haunting of past love
How seldom it does kiss

And it seems these days
Are becoming a repetitive phase
Filled with hopeful colors
And a palette-full of grays

And I’ve never stopped believing in fairy tales
Never stopped believing in Love that never fails
But with days contradicting beliefs
Should I give up the hope and love our future entails?

When every song sung seems to sing of you
And in my dreams this fairy tale comes true
No matter past love’s death
Our love can be born anew

You may only be a distant dream now
One I pray God will have near-reality endow
For I believe dreams as high as stars
Can come safely to the ground

And I won’t reach for mountains when I can have the stars
I won’t settle for less or lower my bars
When reality says my dreams are false hopes
I believe in everything you are

A prince decked with salvation’s fragrance
Stepping into a room with God-like entrance
Conquering evil spirits
With victory after endurance

And I pray you won’t be settling for less
I pray I’ll be nothing short of a princess
With the Source of true beauty within
I pray, looking at me, you can witness

And I believe God will give us a fairy tale
To express His love that will never fail
A lot continually built up strong
That will never grow frail

And I believe that fairy tales can come true
I believe gray skies can turn to blue
I believe there’s a reason we persevere
Through everything we go through
And this I’ll prove
When I find you