Day After Nightfall

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A long darkness has swept over me.
A light will not be shed;
But with a growing weariness within me,
No place to lay my head.

Will this night last forever?
Will I ever find my way?
Or will I stumble in this darkness
And lose hope for the day?

I could just fall down.
I could give up this hope;
That a day will be coming
After the darkness to elope.

But all my hope would be gone. I would never come up from my stumble,
And I would trip coming up from my fall.
For with a constant presence of darkness,
There might as well be no hope at all.

But in the midst of this darkness,
A Light has shed within.
A continual Guide to help me
In this engulfed world of sin.

And I’m beginning to hope after this long night,
I will see morning.
A light shed in this sky
Would be rather adorning.

And I’m praying for the morning after this long night,
For joy comes in the morning,
And this night is in need of the Son.
And I can’t wait for the day this night will be undone.
Lord, shed Your light and bring forth day,
And please help me find my way.
I’m in need of Your Son.