Son-shine Through

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I saw the sky today
All colored dark and gray
Hung over me, a could of gloom
Is my day doomed?
Or should I anticipate a brighter day?
I cried out to You today
But I didn’t hear Your reply
I invited You with me today
But You didn’t show
Why do You wish to remain silent now
When I need You so?
Am I deaf and blind?
Where did You go?
Didn’t You know I needed You today?
Will it always remain this way?
Am I holding out for a brighter day
With false hope?
And if that were true
That I’ll go my days without You
Please don’t take me through
‘Cause I need You
And I miss You
And I┬ácan’t make it without You…
Please come back soon
‘Cause I’m waiting for You, Sonray
To shine through these clouds of gray
And I need You to shine through
But, no matter what,
I’m not giving up on You
So please come back soon
I’m in need of Your brighter view
And how can You decline
A request for a little Sonshine,
When You wish to shine through?