The Enemy Loses in the End

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(Although she wasn’t so great at always showing it),
There once was a little girl who wanted to please her dad
But whenever this little girl stated her different thoughts, her dad got very mad
As it was a regular occurrence that she didn’t think the same as her dad all the time
He thought his thoughts were always right and her difference he thought to be a crime
He started yelling at her and sometimes hitting her and throwing her down whenever she didn’t agree
With what he thought people should do and/or be
And sometimes he’d walk out the front door
Leaving his hurting little girl crying on the floor
His yells and insults always tore his little girl down
So she always cried and wore a frown-at least when no one else was around
And instead of admitting to both of them being very weak
At times, they both just resolved not to speak
Both being children of a loving God, it was saddening they could show so much hate
As it seemed to be a regular occurrence for them to take Satan’s bait
This just left their evil enemy very glad
And their loving, heavenly Father it left oh so very sad
For He put them together to not tear each other down, but rather build each other up
And help each other drink His love from His overflowing cup
Satan may have won today
But it won’t always end this way
For in the end,
The enemy doesn’t win
And this little girl and her daddy will share Christ’s love together again