Windows to the Soul

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Bright eyes,
Why do you look so dim?
Your brightness used to reflect
The light of Him

Innocent eyes
Why do you hide?
As though there was something to be hidden
On the inside

Hopeful eyes,
Why are you so downcast?
As though every hope promised
Has already passed

Merry eyes,
Why do you frown?
As though your merry little world
Was turned upside down

Brave eyes,
Where did you run?
As though good had been defeated
And evil had won

Peaceful eyes,
Why are you so distraught?
As though your “tangle-free” life
Was tied in a knot

Lovely eyes,
Where did your beauty go?
As though the Source of beauty
Refused to show

And you, soul-filled eyes
If you’re the windows to my soul
Why the blank stare?
As though there was a hole