First and Last

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What happened to my Love,
Once held dear to my heart?
What happened to the days I vowed
We would never be apart?

How could I ever dare
To leave my best Friend,
The One Who’d always love me
Right to the very end?

What happened to my longing
To always be near You?
What happened to my desire
To let You choose what we’d do?

How can I prove to You
I couldn’t have been more wrong?
How did I ever leave You?
Oh, it’s been too long…

How are You doing?
How have You been?
Is there ever a chance
We could start all over again?

‘Cause You were my first Love
And I want You to be my last
Can we forget what was between us?
Can we put it in the past?

I know I was the one to leave You
You don’t have to come back to me
I’m sorry I let things come between us
But please accept my apology

And yet You’ve been constantly waiting
For me to find
You never stopped loving me
I never left Your mind

Oh Lord, I don’t deserve You
I could never repay
I don’t deserve Your light, Your love
That’s with me every day

So I’m not gonna let things come between us
Like I did in the past
‘Cause You were my first Love, Jesus
And will be my last