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How can I tell You how my heart feels
And put it down in words…
That You’ve never heard?

Your love is permeating my insides
That if I tried to hide it, I’d explode
Or just freeze my heart and make it cold

I just want to scream it out
Shout it out loud
All that You’ve done for me
For the whole world to see

I’m tired of not being able to express it to You
I’m tired of having to hold it all in
And yet that’s how it’s always been
And how it ends again

Will I ever be able to conquer this?
Will I ever be able to express…
Without ever settling for less?

Because Your love is inexpressible
Your joy uncontainable
Your peace indescribable
Your wisdom inaccessible
Your beauty unfathomable
Your touch undeniable
And I could never begin to express
All You’ve done for me