Let My Life Bring You Glory

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Read Your letter today, made me cry
I don’t know how I can be seen as perfect through Your eyes
I’ve had my regrets; I’ve mocked Your name
And still You look at me just the same
I’ve whipped Your back; I’ve nailed Your wrists
And still You bless me with perpetual bliss
I don’t know why You do it; I don’t know why You would
I can’t even give You one reason why You ever should
I don’t deserve this kind of love, not even a little bit
All I deserve is to be thrown into the never-ending Pit
But You opened up the clouds, and looked at me from above
And never ceased to love me with Your undeserving love
And You called out to me, the wretched child I am
And You purified me and molded me, and are making me a spotless lamb
Oh Lord, why would You choose me, whose weaknesses put Your name to shame…
And ask this same wretched child of Yours to bring Your name to fame?
I guess I’ll never know why You choose to use me
But I’ll keep letting You mold me into the woman You want me to be
And I’ll continue to let my weaknesses make Your strength be shown through
And I’ll continue letting my life bring glory to You