True Happiness

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You know, I’m finally becoming happy in life.
Not temporary happiness, true joy.
I’m starting to grasp the beauty of everything.
I’m starting to be able to claim victory over another’s life,
And I’m starting to see beauty in even me.
I’m starting to see the wonder of everything,
And sometimes I feel as though I’m living in a dream.
And the world is crying,
Needing You desperately.
Oh God, be shown through me.
Escape through my laugh, my eyes, my mouth, my tears, my joy.
You’re here with me.
And I want more than anything
To share You with them.
Oh God, I’ve done nothing.
None of this joy comes from me.
No good thing is from me.
But You’ve given me peace.
You’ve given me true joy.
Oh God, radiate through me.
They need You.
Show Yourself to them as You have to me.
Oh God, help me share Your love,
Your beauty with another.
I’m content.
I’m content with where You’ve taken me.
For once in my life, I’m content.
I’m satisfied with only You.
Because You are more than enough.
More than enough, Jesus…
You’re more than enough.
Oh God, help me share You with them.
My heart is starting to beat with yours
And with each breath I take,
I pray You breathe on them.
My heart aches for them
With each blow their hearts take.
Oh God, consume them,
Be their everything,
Just as You have been for me.
Living Fire,
Consume Your people now.
Once lost, but now found.

“O my soul, you have said to the Lord, ‘You are my Lord, my goodness is nothing apart from You.”
-Psalm 16:2