Inside of You

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My Lover his His face from me
Hid in a corner to see
If I would run after Him
Then I must be
The beloved He came to chase

The night was long and hard
The sun beat down the days
I whispered for Him in my closet
I cried out for Him in the crowds
But He seldom showed His face

Oh Beloved, I need You
I can’t go on for long
Give me a glimpse of Your beauty
Let me see Your face
Show me with You I belong

For the days seem so long now
The nights are so hard
My dreams have lost the hope
Of seeing a glimpse of Your beauty
And finding where You are

But just when I started to give up
I saw You in an unusual place
It wasn’t where I looked before
It was a place I failed to see
For I found You in his face

Who are you, my beloved?
Who are you who has His face?
Who are you who pursues me,
Who never stops seeking me,
And shows me His amazing grace?

Who am I, so unworthy
To be loved by such a wonder as you?
You’ve opened up Heaven
Revealed my Lover
And I found Him inside of you

This is the first poem I wrote after meeting my husband. I had it at our wedding. Some others that were written for or about him are found in the relationship and obviously the future spouse sections. Those ones will remain a mystery, although I’m sure some might be quite obvious.