Fallen into You

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And I’m growing weary from my sighing
Burdens so heavy, don’t feel like trying
There’s no use in denying
Because You know I’m dying inside

And what will it take for You to bring
A weary child through this thing
My Jesus, my King
To give up on You,
Would be to give up on everything

And I’m guilty of denying Your strength
And I’m guilty of being too weak
My soul is failing
And my eyes do leak

But I’m holding onto You (barely)
With all the strength I have left (please give me more)
I’m slipping, can’t hold on much longer (strength lost, please restore)
Can’t hold on anymore

Will You catch me now?
I’m so scared of falling
This lack of strength is so appalling
But I’m falling into You, I’m falling into You
Not my strength anymore, but Yours
Your strength will see me through
You (will) see me through
As I fall into You
(I’ve) fallen into You