God Has Won the Victory

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A warrior I once was,
Bent knees,
Tear-stained cheeks,
Fighting off the enemy

I don’t know when I forgot where I was
When this battlefield started feeling safe
When our unrelenting enemy got me to sit back
Take off my armor, not retaliate

I don’t know when I tuned Your orders out
I don’t know why I tried to take command
I don’t know how to give this battle to You
I wish I could put it back into Your hands

I’ve been taken prisoner now
The enemy’s yelling in my face
He’s calling me, wanting me to be a traitor
Wants me to believe I’ve fallen from grace

I don’t want to believe him
But part of me still does
But with my last breath of hope
I cry out, “Jesus!”

The enemy shudders
As You come on the scene
All his demonic troops have left him
Your presence makes them flee

The enemy starts accusing me
Spitting in my face
Silenced by Your scars
You remind him, “I’ve already taken her place”

Tears are shed, the battle’s won
As our enemy leaves the scene
And once again, I can proclaim,
“God has won the victory!”