A Child’s Love

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Apathy seems to be taking over
Logical thinking seems to define me now
But deep underneath, I miss the passion
Without the knowledge trying to define expressions how

I miss the free flowing, passion-driven
Child-like spirit, which used to drive me
The kisses and hugs to an invisible Love
That only I could see

I miss the days You felt so near
In the midst of heartache and pain
Giving of my all to You
Knowing I had everything to gain

And the selfless acts a child would make
To express everything her heart knew
For no one need ever explain
How to love You

For love needs no definition
Needs no dictionary to explain how to
For when one heart feels Love
You must know I love You

This knowledge I claimed was never mine
And this apathy it gave is slipping away
I’m going back to what I knew to be true
For a child’s love means forever and a day

And I’ll always remain Your loving child
Embracing the Love I know to be true
And this untamed heart will remain wild
To express just how much I love You