The Lion in the Lamb

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I see you looking at me
Your eyes gazing so pitifully
My once piercing eyes
Have been replaced with a lifeless stare
And I’m aching to be anywhere
But here

You were once in awe of me
Full of life, running wild
Yet you feared what I could be
As an untamed child
Now you’re painfully aware
Of what you made of me

My fearless roam
Has been replaced
With steps in a line
And a steady pace
Yet I feel so out of place
Following in your footsteps

You’ve always thought I was too free-spirited
So I’ve always been somewhat berated
For dancing to a drum
You never heard of
When all I’ve ever wanted
Was to be truly loved
For who I am

But I fear until the end of my age
I’ll always remain
A lion in a cage
Unless you unleash all that I am
And let me be
The lion in the lamb

 -My name, Rachel, means “Little Lamb.”