Best for Last

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I let you in on all my secrets
I open my heart wide so you can see
My fears, my scars, my defects
And me in my entirety

Sometimes I fail to share
My biggest Love instead of my biggest fear
And I’ll show myself all bruised and bare
And then maybe you’ll not want to come near

Because to come close would mean
I could hurt you and you could hurt me
And in my past, I’ve been the queen
Of hurting the ones who knew me most intimately

And I don’t know why I’m so scared of love
Afraid my walls are built up too strong
Afraid of you leaving me in my vulnerability
And you not wanting to stay for long

Because love as I would like to believe
Means I’ll love you for you
And in my worst, you’ll never want to leave
A lifetime after we say I do

So please bear with me at my worst
However short the distance between me and my past
My love, I let you kiss me first
And I’ve been known to save my best for last