Better Half

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I stumble upon your secrets
You hoped no one would find
And sometimes I wish I were naive
Sometimes I wish I were blind
But I feel these burdens
I feel the weight of them all
But love, if you don’t shed light on them
You’ll never come up from your fall
And love, I hate to see you down there
I hate seeing you down in that dirt
You deserve better than that
I hate seeing you get hurt
Love, I understand you’re scared
I understand how dirty you feel
And I understand the pain that’s there
I understand that it’s real
Love, I want to be strong for you
In this battle for your soul
I want to help you be complete
But I’m afraid I’m not whole
I’m missing my better half
And I’m scared of losing you
I’ll never give up
I’ll tell you what I’ll do
I’m going to pray
Pray with all my might
And if the Devil thinks I’m weak
Well, he better be ready to fight
I may be on the small side
But he better not laugh
‘Cause Jesus is fighting for me
Don’t even think for one second
I’ll lose my better half