Heart’s Deceit

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My heart is deceitful
Above all things
Speaking of such “truths”
Of what I need
Those truths become a tragedy
I’m told to follow my heart
How can I follow something I cannot trust?
It leads me down different paths
Different days
And which path should I take?
The next day it will change
How can I follow something so unstable?
How can I take two paths if I’m unable?
Declaring a path to love,
And a path to loneliness
And the next day they’re on a turntable.
I’ve lived from my heart
Many times before
And love came many times
Knocking on heart’s door
And I was too naive to not follow it.
Well, love’s not here anymore
And my heart said it would be with me forever
Where has it gone?
What have I built my trust upon?
Will I learn from past mistakes?
Unforgotten heartaches?
How can one trust something that so easily breaks?
It’s deceived me too many times before
I’m not taking its road anymore
I’ve chosen a higher one…
An unsuspected trail,
The path of Love…
For Love never fails.

       “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?”
                    -Jeremiah 17:9