Let My Love Sleep

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Confusion rises up within me
Not knowing what to do
Wanting to make the right choice
Hoping You will lead me through

Oh God, You said that perfect love casts out all fear
But I guess I’m afraid of love,
Afraid of hurting,
Afraid of messing up

Oh, I’ve had chances at love
Several in the past
And what scares me the most
Is that I thought each one would last

I’m so tired of little divorces
Always having to shut the door
Ending with two hearts broken
Hoping You have someone better in store

I’m not one who wants to give of myself freely
To a wrong soul
I’m hoping that when I marry
I’ll be completely whole

I’d like to believe
That’s why even another’s hand I won’t clutch
Afraid it’s the wrong soul
I’d be giving far too much

Am I being too strict?
Am I doing something wrong?
I’m afraid love makes me weak
And I just want to be strong

Oh God, love has made me weak again
I’m afraid it has captured me
But I don’t want it
If it won’t last for eternity

And I don’t want to awaken love
If it isn’t of You
I only want what You have for me
Please show me what to do

Oh God, I’m so scared
I can’t figure this out on my own
Not my will be done,
But Yours alone

Oh God, please show me
If this love isn’t for keeps
If it isn’t of You
Please let my love sleep

“I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, do not stir up nor awaken love until it pleases.”
-Song of Solomon 8:4