Love Would Be a Better Word

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Dear Sir, don’t be intimidated by the way I run away from you,
And don’t stop chasing me like the way you do.
I’ve run many times from many guys who’ve fallen short of you,
And they’ve caught me until I ran away again.
But you, where have you been?
I’ve never liked being treated so fragile, so delicate,
But it’s something I could get used to.
In fact, I kind of like it.
Love would be a better word,
For these thoughts unspoken, unheard…
To the ears of you.
Don’t give up on me.
My calloused wings are bound to land me soon.
So climb over this mountain,
There’s a land strip there,
Where I’ll unpack my bags
And my flying gear,
And if you don’t give up,
Maybe you’ll catch me.
Persistence is the key.
So, don’t give up.
You’re bound to catch me soon.
And I don’t think I’d mind it if you do.
But love would be a better word.