Love’s Worth

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Hear a lot about this thing called love
Seems everybody’s found it but you
Thought you must’ve felt it once or twice
But must’ve got another view

If love never ends,
If love never fails,
What was it you once felt
Before the winds stopped hitting your sails?

If love was ever there
Could love ever go away?
Could it find another
On another day?

See a lot of people
Just give their hearts away
Breaks your heart when they find another
And act like it’s okay

Where is love’s worth?
Where did love’s value go?
Are you the only one who still values
This love you’ve never known?

And yet you’ve seen what true love is
You’ve found it in Him
His love’s always a blazing fire
It will never grow dim

He knew the cost of love
He paid it on the cross
Sometimes it’s for another’s gain
And sometimes for your loss

But you’re holding onto His promises
That maybe on this earth
He will bless you with another
Who knows true love’s worth