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Stop where you are
You’ve gotten so far
You’ve reached the place
Where your dreams and reality meet
And you’re too tough to show
You’re disappointed with where you are
You’re unsatisfied with contentment
You die to live and live to die
Your heart is burning a hole
That spill out your insides
And you’re aching to fill the emptiness
When everything feels so right
And you’re not used to everything feeling so perfect
Secrets wishing to be exposed in the daylight
And you’re just screaming to be known
From the inside out
And you find that sometimes faith
Slips in from a deep-feeling of doubt
You’ve gotten everything you’ve longed for
And yet you still want more
And it seems nothing will fill the craving
That your soul desires to explore
And why does it hurt when everything’s so perfect?
And why do you yearn for something to go wrong?
Maybe it’s because life’s never been as it should be
But really Perfection is where you belong
And then you realize why Hosea’s wife
Yearned to run from unconditional Love
My flesh also does stray
Oh, how I don’t deserve this
But I’m not running away
You’re everything I’ve been wishing
And my heart desires to stay
Please, don’t ever give up on me