Scared to Love

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I’ve failed too much.
Will these chances stop coming by?
I thought I’ve had all my chances at love.
But every day loves to prove me wrong.
You know, I don’t think I’ve ever given it a full run
Because I was scared, terrified.
I just want a forever love.
And I’m so scared of making mistakes
And falling in love with the wrong one that I’m afraid to give it a try.
But when I do, I know it will be the most beautiful,
Wonderful blessing God could ever give me…
Anyone, really.
To love, to be in love,
With the one God thought of when He made you,
Is pure beauty.
But why another chance given to someone too scared to give a try?
Are humans really supposed to give everybody a chance?
Are we supposed to play games of cheap romance,
Disregarding the future
And disregarding the fact
You don’t know if you’ll ever be sure.
Are those the ways to live life pure?
Do people walk with masks on and hide the hurt
So people won’t see how vulnerable, tired, and scared they really are?
Or am I the only one terrified of giving myself to the wrong one?
Will this even be helpful, a blessing, in the long run?
Or will I always wonder, “What if?”, “Should I have?”, “What have I done?”
Will it always hurt this bad?
Will these wounds ever really fully heal?
Or will I just grow so numb I’ll no longer be able to feel?
Which is better…to live a life afraid to try and scared of failure
Or to give it a try and never really know for sure?
Should I give love another try?
Will I run out of chances
Or will they just keep coming by?
Is love the wind of air and sky?
Will love ever stop breezing by?