Send Him an Angel

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Oh God, You said it would never be easy
And it never really is
But please grant this one favor
And help us get through this

My heart hurts
I feel as though I hurt my best friend
And the thing is
I didn’t even want this to end

Please help us
Guide us where You want us to be
Lead us in the right direction
And please do it ever so gently

We’re both hurting now
It was my fault to let it start
But now we’re both left
With two broken hearts

I want to be obedient
Oh, I really do
I just wish it were easy
To do what You want me to

Oh God, I don’t mean to complain
But please answer, “Why?”
Why must my heart feel this way?
And why must I let it die?

I don’t even care about my heart anymore
But the fact that I hurt his
Makes it so much harder
Can we ever get through this?

A young girl at seventeen
Most people wouldn’t think I know what love means
But I cared for him
Always wanting to put him before me

Is that not what love is?
Putting the other’s needs above your own
Even if it means neglecting yourself
And chance of being alone?

Oh God, don’t worry about me
But please watch over him
Send him and angel
Whose love will never dim