Showing My Love for You

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My Love, I know you’ve seen me weak
You’ve seen me more than anyone else when my eyes leak
And you know I’m not always strong
Sometimes I like to think I’m right when I’m wrong
And I’m not always the greatest at loving you

Love, sometimes I think about your warmth when I’m cold
I think about holding your hand when I’m old
You know I can act like a little child
You’ve seen me plenty of times running wild
And I’m not always great at showing I love you

Love, sometimes I put a huge burden on you
I expect you to make me happy when I’m blue
I’m so selfish and just want you to hold me
Want you to be there when I’m lonely
And I’m not an expert at loving you

Love, I know I take you for granted at times
I know I’m not always great at saying things with silly rhymes
And while I’m not always great at showing it
It doesn’t keep me from wanting you knowing it
This is me showing my love for you