Taking Over

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The current’s taking over me
I’ve fought it for too long
You wish to sweep me off my feet
Well, you’re the current
And the current’s very strong

My feet are slipping
I can’t stay standing forever
I know this is everything you’ve been wishing
Well, my feet have slipped
And here we are together

Will you catch me now?
My feet have been firm for so long
I didn’t think this could happen
I didn’t think I’d ever fall for you
Well, maybe this is where I belong

The current’s moving faster now
I’ve always floated by so slow
It’s taking over me
I’m scared of falling
I don’t want to be caught in the undertow

I can’t stand against you any longer
There’s no use in trying
I’m lifting up my feet
Protect me from the undertow
And the tides that are arising