The Chase

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I’ve never felt so scared in my life.
I’ve never been so afraid to jump into something so wonderful,
Something my heart never thought it would feel again.
You made this broken heart believe in love again,
And the thought of it,
Made it leap out of its cracked seams,
Exposing scars that will never leave.
And you saw them…you’ve seen all of me.
You’ve seen my weaknesses, my strengths,
And yet you still believe that everything you could ever want
Could be found in me.
How could you want me so badly?
Well, you’re not one to give up chasing something you want.
I’ve run for far too long because I was terrified of you.
I was terrified of the thought I could be happy with another again.
I was scared to death that if I let you catch me,
I could break your heart
And make you never believe love could happen again
As I was once deceived.
I didn’t want to hurt your heart though.
I didn’t want to ever steal your hope that someday,
Someone could be everything you’ve ever wished she would be.
I let you come so close to catching me at times,
That it scared me I let you get so close.
So I ran.
And you ran after me.
Your giant leaps came so close I swore you were my shadow.
I ran away as fast as I could,
Leaving marks from my footprints all over your heart.
Your trampled heart never stopped pumping that hope that made your love breathe.
And you spoke that hope right over me,
Breathing such possibilities only true love could bring.
And I’ve listened to such promises of “happily ever afters” that have come to an end.
But something in  your voice, your heart has caused me to believe.
Your persistence has paid off, for you’ve caught me.
And, I too, am one who will not give up easily on something I believe.