What’s Missing

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Obligation leaves our spirit left for dead
Deadening the drive for words left unsaid
And where did we go wrong?
What happened to the passion that belongs?
Hearts once opened, now closed
Once love natural
Now we pose
To fit a picture perfect expectation
Of how we’re supposed to be
We look so lovely
In my painted face
And our natural grace
But underneath
Not a trace
Of what’s needed
I feel so defeated
And we look so perfect
How could I leave?
And I love you
But do you love me?
I remind myself of old memories
Of how you swept me off my feet
But now you’ve opened your arms
And I wish I was unharmed
And I wish my feet would hit the floor
I wish there was something more
That something missing
That we had in the beginning
I wish you were you
And I was me
And God still gave you grace
To find me captivating enough
To want me