Won Lost Girl

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Walls closing in, so silently
So slowly
And yet, so suddenly
I just never took the time to notice
Because I thought you noticed me
And I need not have to worry
How wrong I have been
Slowly slipping in
To everything
I’ve always wanted to run away from
What have I to become?
A shadow of one I love
Who notices not the lack thereof?
Of passion, of romance, of love
And yet, I notice
Is this all there is?
Is this what I’ve held out for?
To have my dreams shattered,
To have my screams ignored?
To take care of myself-
Because nobody else cares anymore
I just want to run
I’m so scared and I just want to run
Run away from all of this
In hope of a future ending in bliss
And I know no one’s perfect
And I know you mean well
But I feel like I’m in freaking hell
And you don’t care that I’m burning
You don’t even notice
And I wish you would stop saying that you’re learning
To pursue me
And just pursue me for once
Before I run away
And you’re too proud
To admit and chase
The lost girl you “won”