Another Chance

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You showed me Your will.
When it seemed too hard, I failed-
I gave up.
I didn’t ask what You thought about it.
I knew You didn’t like it one bit.
It saddened You I could do this.
It frightened me.
I was always the one ready to make the jump
When You asked of me.
Why was this time different?
Why didn’t I just jump and trust You?
Oh God, I didn’t mean to hurt You.
Look at all I put You through.
I let Satan win
And as I watch my sin pierce You again,
I fall to my knees,
Begging, pleading for Your forgiveness.
Waterfalls of tears streaming down my face
Melted by Your tender embrace.
How can You say everything will be okay
When I’ve wandered off the path You’ve laid?
You knew I’d do this to You.
You knew it’s hard for me to follow You so blindly.
And yet You never gave up on me.
This is not just the first or second time we’ve been through this.
You’d think I’d get the gist.
Any other person would have given up on me.
I wouldn’t blame them.
But You, You didn’t.
You never have.
Chance after chance You give me-
So soft-heartedly.
The thing is,
I never did anything to deserve this.
But I’ve come to realize
With each tear Your heart sheds
Another selfish ambition dies.
And rather than serve You numbly,
I’m going to choose to willingly.
Thank You for Your sacrifice.