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Never-ending Love,
I turned my back on You.
I took back a promise I swore I would never withdrew.
So selfish am I;
So faithful are You.
You wipe back tears from gently eyes
And hide the pain I put You through.
You who are so caring and so trustworthy,
How could such omniscient Love put such faith in faithless me?
My Love…can I call you that…my Love?
When all my actions, my priorities, show You are not the One I think of?
You still won’t give up on me, will You?
You would still die for me when You knew I would deceive You.
You knew I would be one to nail You to that tree over and over again.
You knew I would not give up on my selfish lust of sin.
Here I am in that old place again,
Down on my face again.
These words are not new.
These sins I wish I overgrew.
Here am I, so childlike; or rather, childish.
My innocence betrays me, but oh how I wish.
I wish for my life to be anew.
I wish for the days of faithfulness to You.
Oh God, make me more like You.
I’m tired of all I put You through.
I would ask You for a less difficult task
Because I know I’m not one to accomplish what You ask,
But I know that would never do with You.
You have given me an even greater one,
Not because You know I owe You,
But because You trust me to have Your will be done.
And I have never been so grateful to be indebted to You.
My Love, I cannot accomplish this without You,
And I will not even begin to try
Like I should have done from the first time.