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What did I get myself into?
These steel chains are too difficult to undo
How did I ever stray from Your plan?
I’m hating everything I am
My God, my God, please forgive me
Show me Your unfailing mercy
Get me out of this mess
I’m afraid I’m settling for less
How do I break these chains I’ve made
When I’ve wandered off the path You’ve laid?
My weakness has become my biggest sin
And I’m binding myself again
Many friendly souls warned me of this road I’m on
I’m afraid to turn back; I’m too far-gone
The strength I need is the strength I lack
And I don’t have enough for the journey back
Free me from these chains that bind me
Take away the will inside me
Lead me back from where I left
I don’t want to settle for less
I’m too far away from home
Bound with chains I created on my own
What did I get myself in?
I’m binding myself again