Purity is a Choice

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You can’t erase what you’ve done
At the time you just wanted to have a little fun
But caught up in emotion, lost all self-control
Now to have it, is your main goal
You always feel a weight from this burdening sin
It’s something you struggle with and it’s always been
You try desperately to get out of it
And sometimes feel as though you have a little bit
But as if caught in a pool of quick sand
You feel as though you’ll never be able to take a stand
You’re stuck in mire and feel as though you’re not capable of getting out
But what about God’s love and forgiveness you’re always talking about?
Oh, precious soul, I just wish you could see
This is another attack from the enemy
He sees our weaknesses where God wants His strength to be shown through
And instead of letting you see that, blinds you to lay a snare for you
If he can just get you to focus on your sin
You’ll stay in the same place when God wants you movin’
oh, precious soul, please just see
God will have this victory
He made our weaknesses just as He knew all you’d do
And still promises He has a wonderful plan for you
But just as He told the woman caught in sin to go and sin no more
Do this, and you’ll find all the blessings He has for you in store
He wants to bless you with so much you’ll feel unworthy of
Just to show His thoughts for you are out of love
So just know that you’re forgiven
And show it by the way you’re livin’
And if you ever feel like giving up this style of life
Just remember how much it will bless your future wife
And hold onto the promises He has for you in the future
When you live a life for Him that’s pure