What’s Been Done and What’s to Come

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It’s the pieces of you
The ones you can never get back
But you want to
It’s the heart you gave away
That still beats where it’s at
Away from you
It’s the first kiss
You always miss
You would get back if you could
It’s the time you lost
Punishment’s cost
If you could take back you would

It’s seeing others repeat
The same mistakes you made
In a heartbeat
Wanting to “life life”
Give it a chance
With their own two feet
Running the same course
You tried to hide
To protect others from taking
It’s the void you could never lose
With meaningless nothings
In the remaking

Humble yourself now
Understand we’ve made mistakes
We want something better for you
Our road, do not retake
We can’t get back what we’ve lost
And brothers and sisters,
We don’t want you to lose it
Satan doesn’t want you to see sin’s cost
But he’ll show you
The moment you abuse it

God has prepared
Something better for you and me
A life with no regrets
For all eternity
So don’t give in
To pleasure for a season
A lifetime of pleasure
Is more than we can reason

But if you’ve already lost it
Don’t give up, don’t give in
Satan wants you to think it’s over
When God wants you to be forgiven
Move on now
What’s done is done
You can’t change the past
But you can foretell what’s to come